About Us

About Artizenbox 

Artizenbox was created out of a need to confidently find and purchase high quality handmade products without weeding through the thousands of listings on big name sites only to find out the perfect piece you ordered was really just a fabulous photo and not what you imagined.  Artizenbox and Instagram

When coming up with a name I envisioned a concierge/ personal shopper of sorts for your handmade treasures.  I knew that I would only invite the very best high quality artists to join me on the site.  That brought me to the word 'artisan', 

a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.made in a traditional or non-mechanized way using high-quality ingredients           *Dictionary.com

It was the perfect description of who I wanted the site to represent.  I thought the phonetic spelling 'Art i zen' was so sexy and couture that it all seemed to fit.  Each artisan has a different skill and medium in their artist's 'box' and so Artizenbox was conceived.


About Our Products

Products from Artizenbox are all handmade with love; handmade fine art.   

As I said before, all of our products are made with the finest quality of materials.  We put a lot of thought into each of our designs; not only do our artisans think about the size of the item they are making for a customer but also the color, feel, texture, shape, functionality and of course trendy style.  That being said, most the items you order are custom made with your thoughts and desires in mind.  We would love to hear from you about your ideas and visions so that we may turn them into your very own handmade fine art.

About our Artisans



Amy Kunz

Thank you for thinking of Artizenbox when looking for the perfect handmade fine art piece to add to your treasures or that of a loved one.  I would love to introduce my self, my name is Amy and I am the mother of three beautiful children and currently stay home to focus on raising them.  I have worked in the corporate world most of my life and have always had a passion for finding exquisite one of a kind gifts when buying for my closest friends.  I just love the idea of giving someone something that was made "just for them".  

I have always loved to make things. Whether its a delicious meal, handmade personal notes, little felt blue birds for my daughter when she was younger and now crochet items.  I begged my mother to teach me to crochet after my third child was born and I decided to stay home.  A few lessons and youtube videos later, I had friends and family telling me "You should sell your items!"  But my first priority was to master being a SAHM of three kids..... well, there is no such thing as mastering raising children so to find solace I crocheted more.  Well I just became so addicted to the feeling of accomplishment and peace that it gives me that I decided to listen to my family and open my Facebook shop called My Crochet Begins with Love.

I started to think about other wonderful art mediums that are available and I wanted my site to be about more than just what I could create.   I wanted to build something that customers would feel confident purchasing handmade items from.  With brick and mortar edging towards extinction, I found big name sites overwhelming with options and I just wasn't sure if the product I was looking at photos of was really what it claimed.  I wanted to buy from a place that was particular about the items and artist it carried.  I wanted to buy from a "friend" that would only show me the best and would personalize it for me.  I want to be that friend for you.

I love all things art.  Some of my favorite kinds of items are found in our shop.  I am the first to say that your happiness and confidence in your purchase is very important to me- so contact me about any questions you have about any item in our shop and let me personally find the answer for you.  

Warmest Regards!



I have always been fascinated with photography and art in general, taking after my grandmother who was an artisan herself.  I'm sure that the fact I was raised in the home town of Eastman Kodak, where the coined phrase "It's a Kodak moment," was originated, is part of the reason I was interested in capturing a memory at such a young age.  But it wasn't till after college that I purchased my own 35mm camera and began to snap away.  Back then it was a wait andJohn Ritzenthaler photography see till after the roll was developed as to whether or not there were any good shots; digital cameras changed all that. You could view the picture right after you took it and you know whether it is something you'd like to keep or delete.  

Digital brought out so much more in my photography personally and I look forward to retirement so I can take the time to expand my knowledge even further and in unique landscapes.  Not a professional by any means, but I know what I like, and I know what my eyes see.  I hope it's something that you appreciate and makes you smile.  Enjoy the selection of 'captured moments' we have posted here there will certainly be more to come.

Thank you for taking a look.


Having a background in Science, I truly never felt that I had an artistic bone in my body until I started making wrap bracelets. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains I spent a lot of time outdoors fishing, camping and gardening. A lot of my inspiration comes form Mother Nature herself. During the spring and summer months we spend a lot of time camping, organic gardening (everything started from seed), canning, making home made fruit wines, raising chickens and improving our modern day homestead. The fall and winter is a time for salmon and steelhead fishing, crabbing for Dungeness, more canning and working in the fruit orchard.

West Coast Wraps was created on the Oregon Coast. After learning how to make wrap bracelets from a friend and some Youtube videos my little hobby quickly turned into a raging hobby. Being a stay at home mother of two beautiful girls, I wanted something peaceful to do while unwinding from hectic busy days. Its the nights when I find time to sit down and relax and work on creating wonderful bracelets, sometimes getting carried away staying up through the wee hours of the night. I hope that you enjoy my bracelets as much as I enjoyed making them. And if there is something in particular that you want please feel free to request a custom bracelet. I love making custom bracelets!!



For over 8 years I have loved creating these soft, unique Minky blankets and seeing how happy they make my customers.  I snuggle with one every night (really I do) while I read with my children. 

My Grandmother, Ruby Jewell, was a true southern lady (refined and distinguished) and she expected nothing less from her granddaughters. She was an inspiration to me when I began this journey of selling my creations and I always thought she had the cutest name in the world and so naming my blankets after her makes me sSusan Thompsonmile!

I have been told that I am chipper, spunky, artful, loving, and kind, but I will let you be the judge.  Spring is absolutely my favorite time of year. Planting flowers in my yard is one of my favorite things to do as well as documenting my family life, hiking, crafting and decorating my home. I am the mom to six, and mother-in-law to two and date nights with my sweetheart are priceless.  I have lived in many places, such as Hawaii, Georgia, the Southwest Desert and Rocky Mountains, and have found each place has its own beauty and personal charm. 

I love to create and snuggle with these soft blankets and I invite you to love them as much as I do.