Let your little one get "Fab-Comfy" in the Plaid Buttercup kids clothing line!

Let your little one get

Lucy Dress by Plaid Buttercup

The Plaid Buttercup line is designed by Amy, Lisa, and Lila. Amy and Lisa are sisters, and Lila is Amy’s little girl. They started designing this line about a year and a half ago when Lila complained about itchy tags, hard fabrics, and not being able to be comfy and stylish while she played. Both were important to her! So at their mother’s suggestion, the sisters started designing with much input from Lila. Their designs offer the utmost in comfort with pockets (always important!!), colorful and modern patterns, and classic lines. Many of the fabrics they use are custom designs and are a wonderfully soft, travel-friendly fabric that wont wrinkle or fade! They make a birthday party even more special, but are just as appropriate on the playground or at school! These clothes really are made for and by real little ones!

My sister, Lisa, and I have very different design aesthetics. I am a denim with pearls kind of girl, whereas Lisa is more of a stripes and plaid fan. We are truly yin and yang when it comes to design. Our designs show that blend of personality, taste, and preferences and that is often what gives our designs a unique blend. We both enjoy many sources of inspiration, Lisa always has a house renovation project going on of some sort. I love collecting local art and finding the perfect place for it in our home. I typically choose greys, blues, pinks while Lisa loves oranges, reds, and greens. Those color loves are represented in the pattern mixes you see in our designs.

Our vision for Plaid Buttercup designs is to provide fun, comfortable clothing for little ones. We call this Fabucomfy. We want our designs to be happy, sophisticated, but appropriate for real life! Lisa and I have five kids between us, so we know that most days involve climbing, running, and jumping. Our clothes are designed with those things in mind, and we believe there isn't any reason why you can't look cute while also being a real kid!

kids and puppies play

I think our work is unique in several ways. Lila truly helps design each of our pieces. She often helps us pick between colors or fabrics, and I think our work has a level of whimsy that shows we design with children in mind. We also adore classic design such as the style portrayed by Jackie O. We love those classic silhouettes that never grow old, we just have added pockets, taken away zippers and anything us not kid-friendly, and added punches of color for the modern child!


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