• Meet Little Miss Pepper Designs- custom handmade jewelry
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Meet Little Miss Pepper Designs- custom handmade jewelry

Meet Little Miss Pepper Designs- custom handmade jewelry

I am Stacey, owner of Little Miss Pepper Designs, and I have been creating jewelry for over fifteen years – starting with my friends weddings and helping them custom designs bridal party pieces.

Little Miss Pepper Jewelry for new mommies

Eventually my designs have evolved to fit into more lives and loved ones hearts and now I offer an entire line of personalized jewelry and gifts to fit Baby to Mama to Best Friends to Auntie to Grandma and even Dad.

Custom inspiration bangles are a great gift for anyone including graduates

I have three kids – Maximilian, Matilda and Pepper, who motivate me daily to be a better mom and show me what life is all about every day! They are my support system through and through and the best part of a long work day is getting in bed with them at night for a few snuggles.

Big Sister little Sister jewelry gifts

We are excited to have just launched our very own designed clothing to match some of our most popular sayings, some super special print collaborations with awesome artist Grace Hawk and our very own brand new website- we hope you love it! It is exciting and fulfilling to see things that you work so hard on start to grow into a bigger thing. Hopefully you will find something that you love there.

little girl jewelry

This week (February 22- February 29th) receive 15% off any Little Miss Pepper Jewelry Item in the Artizenbox boutique with code: ChooseHappy

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  • Amy Kunz

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