"BASK designs is about Expressing yourself through what you wear...."

Social media can give you the feeling that you are living vicariously through your friends fairytale lives.  

Where would you be?  What smells are surrounding you?  Is the bright sun blocking your vision of paradise?  And of course, the most important question, what are you wearing?  

There is no question in my mind that the moment I found Kayleigh's creations on Baskdesigns.com I was transported to her world, AND I wanted to live in it.  

Maybe she's in the evergreen forests of the Redwood National Park; or on the beaches of Hawaii.

Either way, the way her kimono gently grazes her skin with it's soft luxurious fabric, makes me want to be instantly transported.  I love the way the simple lines draw the eye towards the femininity of the wearer while subtly covering any undesirable curves.  The flow of the fabric screams sensuality and elegance while keeping with the casual feel of the design.

I was unsure of wether or not a "kimono" could fit into my style initially, (just because we desire a look doesn't always mean it fits our image).  I purchased my first BASK kimono as a gift for my dear friend.  She could not stop raving about the texture of the fibers in the fabric, the richness of the colors and the elegance of the design.... Well that did it for me, I had envisioned myself in the photos I saw through BASK's Instagram and had gifted this "daydream" to my friend, I needed one too!!! 

BASK Kimono with zionsden leggings and hunter boots

Then I saw this- the PHOTO that was the perfect expression of me!  In that instant I ordered up my BASK plaid open armed wrap, my zionsdenapparel.com leggings and black hunter boots.  I can say with all certainty , "I am the kimono type chic!"  

So I'm going to leave you with one of my favorite photos from Kayleigh's archive and I want to ask you one simple question, "where do you want to wear your BASK kimono to?"

@courtsmithxx in her white BASK kimono to the bedroom

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