Gifts from the heart

Gifts from the heart

If you take a moment and think back to a special gift that you gave someone very important in your life, maybe a parent or grandparent, do you remember what that present was and what it meant to you to give it?  

There is one that immediately comes to my mind, the pair of red earrings I purchased with my own money for my Mom.   Now I can tell you with all certainty that I'm pretty sure red is not my Mom's favorite color, nor was the style of earrings that I chose really her "taste"; but as a mother myself now- I can only image the joy this gift brought to my Mom because it meant the world to me to give them to her.  I was maybe 4 or 5 when we went to the store to pick out something very special.  I can still feel my hands tightly clenching around the opening of the plastic bag so that no one could see the "treasure" it held within.  I can't be sure that it was really with all my own money (but I sure thought it was).  I wrapped them up with the most beautiful bow I could find and probably 8 pounds of scotch tape.  When I gave the small box to my the woman I am lucky to call my Mom, she acted surprised and excited.  To this day, this is the feeling I hold all other gift giving experiences against.  Because at that moment, I felt blessed.  Blessed to have been given the chance to give someone who loved me so much just a tiny token of thanks and appreciation.  

I often feel a similar lightness and joy when I see a photo of my customers enjoying their gifts that I've made or one of the amazing artists in our boutique.  It will never compare to the feeling of giving those earrings to my Mom, but maybe, just maybe one of the things I've made with love will be a part of your special gift memory that you will treasure for years to come- and with that being possible, I continue to fill each item with as much love as I can put into fibers and knots.

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