The gift of being a perfectionist...

So as I type this title I wonder how many of you will think, "wow is she narcissistic"!  I'm giggling to myself because I often don't feel being a perfectionist is as much of a gift as it is a curse.  Pretty much everything I do or create I tend to self evaluate and judge.  Its an unforgiving task, "truly", yet it is the very reason I created this site.  How many of you examine an item before you purchase and give it as a gift?  Oh my gosh and handmade gifts, maybe it's because I have this "flaw", but I extra examine these precious treasures before they are gifted.  Why?  Why do we do this....?  Well let me tell you why I do; the gift is an outward reflection of a) the time I invested in finding a present, b) the sentimental value I have for the individual I am giving it to and c) a representation of my style and taste.  So in reviewing this list, I wouldn't want to give my BFF something that I wouldn't think was worthy of these qualifications.    

Let me share a story with you that I'm sure you could also find similar to one you probably have yourself.  I received an invitation to a baby shower for one of my dearest friends and immediately I had an idea of the "gift basket" I wanted to create for this occasion.  I am a lover of small shops and boutiques (unique is a special quality) so I immediately began my hunt to fulfill my wish list.  I typed my simple search request into a popular online small shop marketplace and was greeted with "Your response has returned 73,256 shop results."  WHAT?????  Ok, so I love boutiques and unique trendy items but I do not like to "dig deep" to find the right one.  (I am your walk into a store, stroll around the main isle looking "like a hawk" and if nothing catches my eye- I'm outta there kind of girl.)   I began to click on photos of items that were deemed "fitting" my criteria.   I was over-whelmed and unimpressed.  Until then I found it- the perfect photo with they new baby lying in her outfit- every accessory was on point.  So in my cart it went and within a few short days I received the package.  I opened it up and found myself in shock.  It was NOT as nice looking as the photograph.  I went back and even studied the picture to make sure I bought the right item.  The sides were fraying and the lines in the print didn't match up at the seam.  I was sad.  I wanted to have been confident that my gift purchase was going to be as perfect as it was in the stunning newborn photo in the posting.  

I decided right then and there that when I created Artizenbox I was going to be committed to seeking out and screening for the very best quality products to sell in our vendor community shop.  Its a challenge that is easier said than done. While I have very little problem sharing my opinion I do struggle with not accepting someone that is interested in joining our community.  But my perfectionist side does the tough conversations for you, my friends and customers.  Because I want you to feel confident in your search for the perfect gift when you come to Artizenbox.  I want you to know that the item you are buying may have been reworked a half dozen times before it went out to be delivered because we are a community of perfectionists; the kind of perfectionism that serves as a gift for you!

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