• For the Love of the Wrap…. (bracelet that is)
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For the Love of the Wrap…. (bracelet that is)

I seriously have found my all time favorite accessory for the Summer 2015 fashion season….  My collection of Bohemian leather wrap bracelets is growing fast and furiouLeather+Wrap+Bracelet-2sly!  (and I’m in love)  I was dreaming about the different styles and what outfits I could coordinate them with- I had trendy fashion on the brain.  As if karma was speaking to me, I found this post on my twitter feed and it sealed the decision deal for me- I bought this fun turquoise wrap and paired it with my Alex and Ani and now everywhere I go I feel like a celebrity with the number of compliments I have been receiving.  So- when I look at these amazing works of art.

I am constantly in awe of the detail and precision that goes into each bracelet.  I wanted to educate myself more on how to make something so cool and trendy- I mean if Marie Claire, Redbook, Lucky, InStyle and Vogue are raving about it surely I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT!  So I found this super cool site called Instructables and Natalina wrote this fabulous how to blog that was so fun and descriptive.  I love the concept, love the style and while the how to is great…. I’ll leave the handiwork to our fabulous designer Tammy from West Coast Wraps because hers are the best quality I’ve seen yet and “honey- friends don’t let friends buy anything but the best!”


Toodles for Now! ;)

Mae Hinson sporting a WCW by Tammy




  • Amy Kunz
  • #trending#weloveartizenboxartizenboxtammy belcherwest coast wraps

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