• Spending time with one of my favorite little ladies!
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Spending time with one of my favorite little ladies!


I’ve been wanting to begin this blog for weeks and last night I too was inspired by a little girl and her amazing family.  It’s wonderful how sometimes one moment in your life or even watching someone else’s moment can add a “log” to the fire burning inside of you.  Well for me, that moment was last night.  I’m not sure I could actually tell you which moment was the most inspiring but I want to share a few and maybe you can decide.  Undoubtedly you will understand why I am Inspired by Isabella after you read this.

So I was BLESSED with having several of my friends gathered at my homeinspired+by+isabella-3
and one particular family is the Dooley’s.  It had been a while since I had seen this cute couple and their terrific triplets but I was excited to say the least.  Mia, Max and Isa walked in and quickly disappeared.  I love this because that meant that they felt right at home which is exactly what I wanted.   As I introduced everyone to Kristina and Greg the conversation came up about just how had I met their family.  Now I believe everything happens for a reason so I’m going to tell you that with the numerous opportunities that I could have met Kristina and the kids through (like little gym, the neighborhood, sports event, preschool or even story time at the library) our meeting started over a simple question, “May I ask what that is that your daughter has to wear on her arm during swim lessons”?  Kristina and Greg were amazing in their reply, telling me, with some detail, about type 1 diabetes.  I’m not going to say I walked away anywhere close to an expert, but I had a new found need to discover more about what the Dooley’s were going through.  As a mother myself, there is something that happens inside your heart when you hear another mother speak about wanting to find a cure for her daughter and so many others in the world like Isa.  So I researched and read several of Kristina’s blogs and the next time I saw the kids at swim lessons I asked even more questions.   But all this being said, I still didn’t understand everything that a family with type 1 diabetes goes through  (waking up several times in the middle of the night to check blood sugar, dealing with sugar lows and highs and so much more) until I watched them in my home living ‘life at a party’.  

Several checks with the monitor before a juice box or cookie.  Watching Isa walk through how to check the levels herself.  Hearing the excitement from her siblings that they could have juice because Isa was low enough that she could have some.   They were quick flashes of reality through chaos as a host but I was filled with so much more understanding in those brief moments than all of my previous months of reading and research.

I’m thrilled to hav1432607099166-2e had this time with my friends Mia, Max and Isa last night and I look forward to my continued education on type 1 from this “Team”.   I want to share some photos with my new BFF Mia and also one with the amazing mama Kristina and the super hero herself, Isa (Max graciously declined- :) ) I hope you will take the opportunity to read more on our tab Inspired by Isabella and help them with your thoughts and prayers kick type 1 to the curb.  We also designed our Rosette for Isa specific for the JDFR Foundation as half of the proceeds from the sale of this item with be directly donated in Isa’s name.


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Thank you to the Dooley’s and all the heroes out there!  You inspire me!
Warmest Regards,

  • Amy Kunz
  • http://inspiredbyisabella.com/why-we-continue-to-fight/Inspired by IsabellaT1DType 1 Diabetes

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