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Silently Creating MAGIC

Silently Creating MAGIC

In the past three months I have been working harder than ever before to create something so magical for you!

I found an amazing teacher, Renae Christine, who I felt an INSTANT connection with (even though she's only on my computer screen).   I have been studying, researching and creating to give you (my besties) the most amazingly gorgeous product that you totally deserve!  

Renae Christine(This is Renae- She is AWESOME SAUCE and I love her as much as I love you!)

On July 1st, I will be launching a new collection from my personal brand called "Sweet Peony Studio", right here on Artizenbox.  I can't give away too much, but I want to make sure you get all the best discounts and sneak peeks before the collection even launches.   Click on the new logo below to make sure you get your "bestie" goodies!

Sweet Peony Studio


ps.  Just to recap- new shop in Artizenbox coming July 1st.  Amazing new collection!  Besties on the list get sneak peeks and discounts! (Get on the list by clicking on the Logo)  LOVE YOU!!!



  • Amy Kunz

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