Sweet Peony Studio celebrates your gift by including plantable paper in your package!

This recycled paper is embedded with a colorful variety of non-invasive wildflower seeds that will grow just about anywhere. For best results, plant this card in an area that receives partial to full sunlight. Thoroughly moisten and plant in fine soil 1/4 inch deep. Generously water daily, tend to them with love and watch them grow! The paper will recycle naturally into the soil as the seedlings grow.

Silently Creating MAGIC

Silently Creating MAGIC

In the past three months I have been working harder than ever before to create something so magical for you!

I found an amazing teacher, Renae Christine, who I felt an INSTANT connection with (even though she's only on my computer screen).   I have been studying, researching and creating to give you (my besties) the most amazingly gorgeous product that you totally deserve!  

Renae Christine(This is Renae- She is AWESOME SAUCE and I love her as much as I love you!)

On July 1st, I will be launching a new collection from my personal brand called "Sweet Peony Studio", right here on Artizenbox.  I can't give away too much, but I want to make sure you get all the best discounts and sneak peeks before the collection even launches.   Click on the new logo below to make sure you get your "bestie" goodies!

Sweet Peony Studio


ps.  Just to recap- new shop in Artizenbox coming July 1st.  Amazing new collection!  Besties on the list get sneak peeks and discounts! (Get on the list by clicking on the Logo)  LOVE YOU!!!



I am enough

I am enough

Have you ever been told that you sound "just like your mother"?  

So much of our personality is determined in the traits we were born with, but those characteristics are further shaped by the people that cared for and raised us.  


Above Image by Flora Forager find her print here.

We do our best to take our children to church, volunteer in soup kitchens, donate toys and clothes to homeless, read to elderly at nursing homes and attend charity walks.  (Ok, realistically, NO this is not 100% of the time but we set examples when life makes it possible).  But is this enough?

Doing my nightly scroll through Facebook, constantly working to build the Artizenbox brand, I came across one of the most inspiring articles by Lisa Barr, editor of GIRLilla Warfare where she says, "Celebrate the flaws. Be mindful. Your kids are feeding off your example to determine their OWN self-worth."


I have worked so very hard to teach my children the values that I want them to possess but I forgot one very important learning model, "actions speak louder than words".  When I say "you don't love me" a million and a half times a day to my husband, I shouldn't really be surprised to have my son say that to me.  As I look in the mirror at my flaws and imperfections am I really taken back by my gorgeous daughter telling me she's not pretty and hates compliments?  

You are Enough Inspiring Quotes

Click the above image for a free e-book by Tayla Anne called: Becoming Who You Are: Inspirational Quotes on Self-Love and Recovery.

So now what?  Where do I go from here?

Well, starting today, I've made the decision to begin to love myself more.   I know this transformation will not be easy or fast but I don't want to wait another single day to start.  I began Artizenbox because I loved helping others and creating beautiful things with my hands from my heart.  I've pushed through the tough days because I want my daughter to see that you can do anything you put your mind to...  But the lesson I really want her to value most is this, 

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” — Coco Chanel

Lucille Ball quote

I would like to inspire you to read more about this topic from this amazing writer's blog.  Lynne Gabriel, has been a huge supporter for so many small shops and fellow bloggers.  In her recent blog titled, "Love Yourself" she motivates me even further to look beyond what I am trying to build and start with myself.  Thank you Lynne for all you do and more!  

Warmest Wishes


Let your little one get "Fab-Comfy" in the Plaid Buttercup kids clothing line!

Let your little one get

Lucy Dress by Plaid Buttercup

The Plaid Buttercup line is designed by Amy, Lisa, and Lila. Amy and Lisa are sisters, and Lila is Amy’s little girl. They started designing this line about a year and a half ago when Lila complained about itchy tags, hard fabrics, and not being able to be comfy and stylish while she played. Both were important to her! So at their mother’s suggestion, the sisters started designing with much input from Lila. Their designs offer the utmost in comfort with pockets (always important!!), colorful and modern patterns, and classic lines. Many of the fabrics they use are custom designs and are a wonderfully soft, travel-friendly fabric that wont wrinkle or fade! They make a birthday party even more special, but are just as appropriate on the playground or at school! These clothes really are made for and by real little ones!

My sister, Lisa, and I have very different design aesthetics. I am a denim with pearls kind of girl, whereas Lisa is more of a stripes and plaid fan. We are truly yin and yang when it comes to design. Our designs show that blend of personality, taste, and preferences and that is often what gives our designs a unique blend. We both enjoy many sources of inspiration, Lisa always has a house renovation project going on of some sort. I love collecting local art and finding the perfect place for it in our home. I typically choose greys, blues, pinks while Lisa loves oranges, reds, and greens. Those color loves are represented in the pattern mixes you see in our designs.

Our vision for Plaid Buttercup designs is to provide fun, comfortable clothing for little ones. We call this Fabucomfy. We want our designs to be happy, sophisticated, but appropriate for real life! Lisa and I have five kids between us, so we know that most days involve climbing, running, and jumping. Our clothes are designed with those things in mind, and we believe there isn't any reason why you can't look cute while also being a real kid!

kids and puppies play

I think our work is unique in several ways. Lila truly helps design each of our pieces. She often helps us pick between colors or fabrics, and I think our work has a level of whimsy that shows we design with children in mind. We also adore classic design such as the style portrayed by Jackie O. We love those classic silhouettes that never grow old, we just have added pockets, taken away zippers and anything us not kid-friendly, and added punches of color for the modern child!


Read the whole interview from the Plaid Buttercup designers on J Catherine's Photography Blog Page by clicking here.


Never worry about another Bad hair day again- G&L Chic makes hair styling simple and glamourous every day of the week

Never worry about another Bad hair day again- G&L Chic makes hair styling simple and glamourous every day of the week

G & L chic shop

Hi my name is Inez, I am the owner of G&L Chic Shop. I am the blessed mommy of Gianna and Leena, they are the inspiration behind my shop. In early 2010 my husband and I welcomed our first baby girl, a short 12 months later we found out we were expecting again (12 weeks along), in late 2011 we welcomed our second baby girl. I had not one but two girls to accessorize, and I was not pleased with the variety and quality of the headbands available in the local retailers.

baby girl hair accessories

I set out to find my own quality supplies and started making headbands for my own girls. In time I made them for family and friends kids. With much encouragement and many inquiries in 2013 I started selling at consignment events and boutique sales. In late 2014 G&L Chic Shop joined Instagram and set up and ETSY shop.  Then in late 2015 I was asked to also sell my items in the Artizenbox online community boutique so here we are!

little girl accessories

I am proud to say that G&L Chic Shop offers a variety of headband styles. From 2 inch lace multi flower head wraps to elastic thin headbands, 2 inch sparkle “it” bows and the ever so popular suede braided boho headbands. All of these are offered in newborn through adult sizes and even mommy and me sets. Seasonal pieces are offered as well as everyday collections.

girls head wraps

G&L Chic Shop works to stay on trend and offers custom pieces to match your special event or occasion. We have made custom pieces for birthday party favors, made coordinating pieces for cousin photo shoots, custom made pieces for family photos, newborn sessions and special occasions of all sorts.

flower crowns

G&L Chic Shop offers one of a kind hair pieces to accessorize your most precious jewels. I personally inspect all supplies and materials that come into the Chic Shop to ensure high quality products. I take pride in the quality and durability of the products that G&L Chic Shop provides. I purchase my supplies from suppliers in the United States. I appreciate each and every purchase. I am a blessed woman to be able to create these accessories and contribute to my family’s income while adding some beauty to the beauties in your life.

Use code: chic10 this week to get 10% off all of the G&L Chic Shop pretties!

Meet Little Miss Pepper Designs- custom handmade jewelry

Meet Little Miss Pepper Designs- custom handmade jewelry

I am Stacey, owner of Little Miss Pepper Designs, and I have been creating jewelry for over fifteen years – starting with my friends weddings and helping them custom designs bridal party pieces.

Little Miss Pepper Jewelry for new mommies

Eventually my designs have evolved to fit into more lives and loved ones hearts and now I offer an entire line of personalized jewelry and gifts to fit Baby to Mama to Best Friends to Auntie to Grandma and even Dad.

Custom inspiration bangles are a great gift for anyone including graduates

I have three kids – Maximilian, Matilda and Pepper, who motivate me daily to be a better mom and show me what life is all about every day! They are my support system through and through and the best part of a long work day is getting in bed with them at night for a few snuggles.

Big Sister little Sister jewelry gifts

We are excited to have just launched our very own designed clothing to match some of our most popular sayings, some super special print collaborations with awesome artist Grace Hawk and our very own brand new website- we hope you love it! It is exciting and fulfilling to see things that you work so hard on start to grow into a bigger thing. Hopefully you will find something that you love there.

little girl jewelry

This week (February 22- February 29th) receive 15% off any Little Miss Pepper Jewelry Item in the Artizenbox boutique with code: ChooseHappy

banner necklace




"BASK designs is about Expressing yourself through what you wear...."

Social media can give you the feeling that you are living vicariously through your friends fairytale lives.  

Where would you be?  What smells are surrounding you?  Is the bright sun blocking your vision of paradise?  And of course, the most important question, what are you wearing?  

There is no question in my mind that the moment I found Kayleigh's creations on Baskdesigns.com I was transported to her world, AND I wanted to live in it.  

Maybe she's in the evergreen forests of the Redwood National Park; or on the beaches of Hawaii.

Either way, the way her kimono gently grazes her skin with it's soft luxurious fabric, makes me want to be instantly transported.  I love the way the simple lines draw the eye towards the femininity of the wearer while subtly covering any undesirable curves.  The flow of the fabric screams sensuality and elegance while keeping with the casual feel of the design.

I was unsure of wether or not a "kimono" could fit into my style initially, (just because we desire a look doesn't always mean it fits our image).  I purchased my first BASK kimono as a gift for my dear friend.  She could not stop raving about the texture of the fibers in the fabric, the richness of the colors and the elegance of the design.... Well that did it for me, I had envisioned myself in the photos I saw through BASK's Instagram and had gifted this "daydream" to my friend, I needed one too!!! 

BASK Kimono with zionsden leggings and hunter boots

Then I saw this- the PHOTO that was the perfect expression of me!  In that instant I ordered up my BASK plaid open armed wrap, my zionsdenapparel.com leggings and black hunter boots.  I can say with all certainty , "I am the kimono type chic!"  

So I'm going to leave you with one of my favorite photos from Kayleigh's archive and I want to ask you one simple question, "where do you want to wear your BASK kimono to?"

@courtsmithxx in her white BASK kimono to the bedroom

Gifts from the heart

Gifts from the heart

If you take a moment and think back to a special gift that you gave someone very important in your life, maybe a parent or grandparent, do you remember what that present was and what it meant to you to give it?  

There is one that immediately comes to my mind, the pair of red earrings I purchased with my own money for my Mom.   Now I can tell you with all certainty that I'm pretty sure red is not my Mom's favorite color, nor was the style of earrings that I chose really her "taste"; but as a mother myself now- I can only image the joy this gift brought to my Mom because it meant the world to me to give them to her.  I was maybe 4 or 5 when we went to the store to pick out something very special.  I can still feel my hands tightly clenching around the opening of the plastic bag so that no one could see the "treasure" it held within.  I can't be sure that it was really with all my own money (but I sure thought it was).  I wrapped them up with the most beautiful bow I could find and probably 8 pounds of scotch tape.  When I gave the small box to my the woman I am lucky to call my Mom, she acted surprised and excited.  To this day, this is the feeling I hold all other gift giving experiences against.  Because at that moment, I felt blessed.  Blessed to have been given the chance to give someone who loved me so much just a tiny token of thanks and appreciation.  

I often feel a similar lightness and joy when I see a photo of my customers enjoying their gifts that I've made or one of the amazing artists in our boutique.  It will never compare to the feeling of giving those earrings to my Mom, but maybe, just maybe one of the things I've made with love will be a part of your special gift memory that you will treasure for years to come- and with that being possible, I continue to fill each item with as much love as I can put into fibers and knots.

Best Wishes


Artizenbox - The Art of Accessorizing

Artizenbox - The Art of Accessorizing

Many have asked, what exactly IS Artizenbox?  In a nutshell - Artizenbox was created to offer an alternative to mass-produced products and the online buying disappointment.

  • We looked high and low to find products that are handmade 


  • Products that meet our high standards

  • Products that people will love

Today we're featuring the slouchy hat, wrap bracelets and other jewelry.  Whether you're out for the day or even on a fashion runway, the slouchy beanie is really hot this year!

Artizenbox does offer their version of the Asher Slouchy Hat in any color you like.  All you need to do is visit Artizenbox and drop Amy a note letting her know what color you'd like your new handmade hat to be.


Wrap bMae Hinson sporting WCW's Shades of Turquoiseracelets are so stylish and trendy this season too.  There are many many different websites selling wrap bracelets but many are machine made and not terribly unique at all!  West Coast Wraps makes theirs by hand and they are stunning!  Featured in this photo is Mae Hinson, Marine Biology student at Texas A & M in Galveston.  As you can see, the wrap bracelet it is great for most ages and goes with all outfits!  They are made to be trimmed if too large.  Contact Artizenbox (West Coast Wraps) if you have a special request.


 Another beautiful product you can find on Artizenbox is the unique jewelry line by Little Miss Pepper Jewelry.  These beautiful pieces are really special and available in Sterling silver or 14k gold filled chains.     

So, here's a question for you.  

What is Artizenbox exactly?  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you online soon!











"Oh my gosh, I need that outfit!" (Fashion Inspired by Hollywood)

I'm not sure if you all know that I am an unbelievably hopeless romantic.  My husband will often find me sobbing on the couch watching some gushy fairy tale love story wondering where are all the men like that....?

For my daughter of course (in about 20 years)

Well the other night was absolutely no exception.  I just adore that the Hallmark Channel is running all holiday original movies, all day, from now until Christmas.  "Are you kidding me?" says my sweet husband in the background.  Well I found a new favorite you must see, 'One Starry Christmas' staring Sarah Sanguin Carter and Damon Runyan.  (Watch the Trailer here) Not only do I love the cute story about two completely different personalities meeting and finding there way in a starry night, but I LOVE the lead character, Holly's, wardrobe!  (Credit to costume designer Bernadette Croft) It was like every scene with an outfit change I would find myself saying, "Oh my gosh, I need that outfit!"  And of course being a creator of handmade winter accessories with a few "small shop" friends that sell the remaining pieces, I felt confident I could come up with something pretty fabulous.  So, I'm dying to show you what I made and what I found!!! 

First off, I had to have that luxuriously cozy looking over sized cowl that the main character Holly was wearing when she met her "mysterious cowboy".  It looked like the kind of accessory that I would want to snuggle into and wear all winter long while sipping hot cocoa.  I found the perfect yarn from Patrons Cobble that was the perfect shade of grey and softness like a cloud.  Patons Cobble Yarn


The search was on for the perfect pattern for my dreamy cowl.  And then I remembered seeing a design on Yarnspirations called 'In a Jiffy Cowl' that I had been wanting to try out.  (I'd like to say it came together, "in a jiffy" like the title stated but the time it did take was definitely worth it.)  I wish you had feel-o-vision and could touch the texture and weight of this gorgeous cowl, it surely has a cuddle factor of 10.One Starry Christmas inspired Cowl


Moving up to my all time favorite accessory- the hat.  Could have something to do with the fact that I make them, but I think the biggest reason that hats are my absolute must have is because they can hide a bad hair day or boost up style points on any outfit.  Immediately I knew that the new Feyona hat from our fall/winter collection was "the one" for this styling.  The hat itself is slouchy and warm with a fun loose pomp on the top that says in a stylish way, "you're never to old for pom poms on your hat."  I customized the color to be all ivory because I knew that would go with my cowl, the inspiration outfit, and pretty much everything else in my fall wardrobe.  (Ivory is "this other black".)Feyona Hat


Next up, the outfit.  I contacted my friend from Just Lex Boutique, because I love her stuff and I'm a big advocate of shopping small.  I'm in love with the pieces she chose for my 'Hollywood inspired Outfit.'  Simple clean lines with chic classic colors that make me think of a trendy weekend shopping in Aspen after skiing the slopes.

Just Lex BoutiqueJust Lex Boutique


And finally the shoes!  I love any excuse to visit Nordstrom's shoe department.  I honestly believe good shoes equal happy feet and happy feet are good for the sole.  ;0)  I found the Sorel's 'Joan of Arc' (love the name of that) Waterproof boot and fell in love.  It had the perfect combination of grey, black and tan colors so I could mix and match them with not only this star worthy ensemble but so much more in my closet.



Can I hear it? "Oh my gosh, I need that outfit!"  I hope you find this paring to be as awesome as I do and let me know what other accessories you would add to make it even that much better.  

Happy Gifting,


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